D8 OG - Delta 8 Flower - CBG

D8 OG - Delta 8 Flower - CBG

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Delta 8 Flower - CBG


  • Legal Delta-8 flower straight from our farm to your home.
  • Federally legal in the US, and many other countries.
  • 50mg Delta-8 / gram Hemp Buds.
  • 1 oz of infused delta 8 thc buds.


Delta 8 OG Flower for Sale


Delta-8 is a high-quality full-spectrum cannabinoid oil. This means that delta-8 is a non-psychoactive compound sourced from hemp that is then refined into a highly concentrated, crystal clear oil. The effects of this oil are very different from those of delta-9 oils, which are found in most strains of cannabis. Delta-8 oils are used by patients who need to medicate without getting high. The effects of delta 8 flower by D8 OG last for hours and can have a very relaxing effect on the user. This product has both a mental and a physical effect on the user. Users report feeling euphoric and uplifted, more creative than usual, and more social than usual. The effects of delta 8 flower by D8 OG are known to be long-lasting and full-body.